August 22, 2012


Years ago, I used to babysit regularly. And I remember when the kids reached a certain age, they just wanted to be naked. We have reached that stage with SB.

Every chance she gets, the girl strips down. I'm fine with it at home with just us. But she does have to wear clothes when people are over, and when we leave the house.

No matter how many different ways I try to explain that, she just doesn't get it. She always asks me, "Why?"

And one of her favorite things to ask is, "Where are the 'No Naked' signs?"

Because if there isn't a sign, she doesn't believe me?!

I explained to her it is what we call an "unspoken rule." Everybody understands they need to wear clothes in public and does so. There don't need to be any signs.

Last school year, the challenge was finding clothes she would agree to put on every morning. As we approach this year, I believe it will be getting her to put on anything at all.

Do your children like to be naked? Do you struggle to get clothes on them so you can leave the house? How do you handle it?
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