August 8, 2012


When I was growing up and experienced the loss of a pet for the first time (our dog Boots), my parents took us to a shelter the very next day to adopt a puppy. She did not replace the dog we'd lost, but she did help our hearts heal.

We are hoping the newest addition to the Ross family will do the same for us. Meet Amber:

We are all in love with her. Especially SB. Her enthusiasm proves to be a bit much for the sweet kitten at times, and supervision is required all day every day. It's been a little stressful. But Amber is settling in to our home very nicely.

SB has definitely not forgotten about R.T. She has gone to his grave in our back yard several times to talk to him. The other day she told me she was mad at him for dying. Which indicates to me she is working her way through the normal grieving process.

She's learning a difficult but important life lesson at an early age. With the addition to our family, she also sees that life goes on. And it is a great opportunity for her to learn some responsibility. She feeds the kitten and helps clean out the litter box.

This kitty will be indoor only.

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