July 18, 2012

Worth it?

OK, I think it is going to be a long time before I pack up my child and take her to the beach again. Last week I told you about our recent outing, which included a jellyfish sting to SB's thigh.

As of last Friday, it had all but healed. There remained a few faint red lines on her leg, but she was feeling fine. The next morning, a week and a day after the original sting, she woke with a huge welt on her thigh. It looked worse than the initial injury. She complained it hurt.

I called her pediatrician, who felt there must be tentacles remaining in the sting site, and they were reactivated when SB went in the pool last Friday. Cool, fresh water reactivates tentacles, causing them to release more venom. (Warm water, like baths, does not reactivate them.)

She instructed me to apply more vinegar, then to use shaving cream and a razor to shave off any remaining tentacles. We did so, and also gave SB Benedryl, Ibuprofen and a topical anti-itch, anti-inflammatory cream all day long.

She still had a big, swollen, red welt when she went to bed.

It looked a little better in the morning, but she had a fever and was very lethargic. The fever was not high, so I did not call the pediatrician at that point. But I did later in the day when SB was not feeling any better.

Long story short, she's OK. But that was an awful lot of trouble for a few hours of fun in the sun!
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