July 16, 2012

The Summer Series - Fadra Nally

Today, my guest is blogger Fadra Nally. A knowledgable and supportive member of the blogging community, Fadra has recently launched an exciting new project. My own life took a very positive turn when I learned to use the power of the Internet for good and introduced The Mom Pledge. Fadra has had a similar experience with her new movement, A Charitable Influence.

She's using her expertise, enthusiasm and online connections to make a difference. I'm proud to welcome her to my Summer Series...

One of the things I'm constantly asking myself is how do I evolve? How do I become a better person? A better wife, a better mom, a better writer, a better person.

Back in the days of the corporate world, it might have meant what position I wanted or how I could earn a better salary. But there was always something hollow about that feeling. Earn more money and then what? Get that corner office and then what?

It's a tough balance to find a way to love what you do and earn a living. I had often thought that I'd love to work with rescue animals but since most organizations were volunteer, I couldn't see how that could help sustain me or my family. So instead, I just adopted animals.

But the nagging feeling didn't go away when I started blogging. Even though everything I do on my blog all.things.fadra is on my terms (and I like it that way, thankyouverymuch), I still wanted to make a difference.

I made a vow to "use my blogging powers for good." It's a silly little phrase but one I've stuck to. Compliments, not complaints. Constructive criticism, not rants. And then simply offering a positive outlook on the idiosyncrasies in life where I could. I even donated some ad space on my blog to Causes thinking that I could also help support some of the great organizations out there.

But it still wasn't enough and I knew it when life sent me a little sign.

I met Heidi Oran, a fellow blogger I had never even heard of, when we both attended BlogHer Writer. We chatted for a bit and kept in touch with Twitter and then she sent me an email proposing we work together.

My initial reaction? No way. I had done two joint projects previously and neither ended well. I liked being independent and doing it all my way.

But the more we talked about it, the more the ideas flowed and after fleshing some of them out, I realized we were a great marriage of talent. Heidi runs The Conscious Perspective where she has a pulse on humanitarian and philanthropic organizations. Basically, she knows who's who in the charity world and she's schooled me quite a bit. I tend to be pretty plugged in to the blogging community. I attend conferences like it's nobody's business and I love meeting other bloggers and wasting time together on Twitter.

And that's when Charitable Influence was born.

I knew from talking to so many other bloggers that they wanted to use their voices for good. They just didn't really know how. And I knew that bloggers could help propel the mission of so many worthy organizations out there with their personal stories and passionate writing.

We created Charitable Influence as hub of information about using your blogging voice for good and as a way to build a network of bloggers who want to write about the causes that mean something to them. If there's no personal connection, the charitable message gets diluted and the blogger doesn't have much fun writing.

We're slowly and steadily building our network of bloggers (thank you to those who have signed up!). We're also reaching out to wide variety of charities and non-profits and finding that a lot of our talks are simply about how powerful the voice of a blogger can be. It's an educational process and one that I don't mind facilitating.

So have I found the dream career of saving the world and making money at the same time? Not exactly. But at least I'm stepping in the right direction and I'm doing it on my terms.


If you'd like to learn more about what we're doing at Charitable Influence, we'd love to talk to you. If you're a blogger and want to join us, we'd love to have you on our team!

Thank you so much, Fadra, for participating for my series, and for all you are doing to have a positive impact on our world!

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