July 13, 2012


It's finally here - Camp T-Rex! SB's preschool is running a camp program this month, and we have both been looking forward to it.

However, as I shared recently, SB's behavior has been horrid lately. I was a little worried about how she would be at camp.

It was very satisfying and a little surprising to hear one of her counselors describe her as "delightful" as I picked her up the first day. Miss Jane also said SB is bright, mature, has impeccable manners, a sophisticated level of speech and listens well.

I literally laughed out loud at that last one. Because listening? Is not something she does at home these days. At all. It makes hubby and me crazy.

But I am pleased she demonstrates an understanding of and respect for the authority of her teachers. And that camp is not necessarily the environment for testing the boundaries and pushing for independence.

She is supposed to do those things, of course. It's normal and a natural part of her development. But to succeed, I also believe she needs to learn to respect boundaries. We don't always get to do what we want, when we want. That's life.

I once had someone refer to "The Mommy Show." That's when a child saves her worst behavior for mom. It's true, and very tough to deal with sometimes.

But it feels good to receive compliments on my child. It tells me all my efforts are not in vain.

She is actually listening after all.

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