July 27, 2012


At night, after SB has gone to bed and I have taken my shower, I like to settle in and engage in one of three activities: writing (duh), reading or getting caught up on the internet.

After spending all day with a three year old, I need some serious down time. Hubby normally feels the same way after a day at the office, so being the modern couple that we are, we will sit side by side while on on our respective devices. Laptop, iPad, etc...

Don't worry, we get our quality time in. And we do talk. But sometimes, peace and quiet is just what the doctor ordered.

One particular night last week, I was engrossed in Part II of Tawna Fenske's Getting Dumped, having recently received my copy. There is nothing better than being engrossed in a good book.

Unlike with Part I, I was not able to read the whole thing in one sitting. But I was determined to finish it that night.

Hubby seemed to be in the mood to talk. I wasn't. I was captivated by the twists and turns of the plot and the intriguing interactive options. I just wanted to READ!

Initially I acknowledged his questions and comments with a simple "Yes," "No" or "Hmmm." Then I just stopped responding. Which everyone knows is code for, "Dude, shut the heck up I am reading over here!" Right?

He got quiet for a few minutes. Finally he asked, "What are you reading?"

"The latest in Tawna's interactive series."

More silence.

I could tell he was watching me as I read, and I didn't care. I was getting to the end and was not about to stop. Then he asked this question, which felt more like a statement of the conclusion he had drawn:

"Does it have lots of hot sex scenes in it?"

Because that is the only reason I could possibly be engrossed in a book? Please!

"No, actually, it doesn't. Some steamy make out scenes, but that's about it."

He shrugged and gave up.

Finally, I was left alone to finish in peace. And just like last time, Tawna left me hanging, wanting more. I can't wait for Part III come out.

Although, it would probably be better for my marriage if that didn't happen right away...
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