June 15, 2012

Praise for Daddy

In honor of Father's Day this weekend, I asked SB what makes hubby a great Daddy. I told her to come up with a list of things he does that make her happy. That was the only prompt. Here is what she put on her list:

  • He reads to me and tells me stories.
  • He throws me higher higher in the living room.
  • He gives me hugs and kisses. 
  • He makes funny faces.
  • He makes money so I can have new toys and food to eat.
  • He turns on the TV so I can watch things.
  • He lets me play with his toys from when he was a little boy.

There was one thing SB said her Daddy does that makes her unhappy:

  • He eats my cheese crackers.

I know that last one will give hubby a laugh. I could certainly add plenty of things I think make him a great Daddy, but this is SB's list for him. Happy Father's Day, sweetie!

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