June 1, 2012


It's nice having thick woods behind our house. Most of the time, we don't even realize there are any other homes around us. We have complete privacy, or the illusion of it anyway.

But sometimes, danger lurks in those woods. Last year police were searching directly behind our home for someone "considered suicidal or homicidal."

This past weekend, they were circling the woods again. This time, their target was roughly six feet tall. 300 pounds. With black hair. Well, fur actually. And four legs.

It was a Florida black bear.

This photo was taken very close to our house. There had been multiple bear sightings in our area over the last week or so. So many, in fact, authorities believe there was more than one bear on the loose.

Wildlife officials said the bear or bears are moving north in search of new territory, and will continue moving as long as they don't get too comfortable. It - or they - have been eating garbage from neighborhoods and honey from local bee keepers' hives. The wildlife officers are hazing the bears to ensure they find being around humans unpleasant.

We didn't find out about the sighting in our subdivision until Saturday, and the above photo was taken the previous Wednesday evening. But then the police were very clearly looking for it on our street over the weekend.

Maybe we have Beryl to thank, but there have been no reported sightings this week. SB keeps asking about the bear, wanting to know where it is and if it found a new home. I hope so, far, far away!
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