May 21, 2012

Ross' Rad Reads Award: Never Say Never

I've never really been interested in celebrity memoirs before because, well, I've never really been interested in celebrities. Unless something about the way they are living their life affects mine, I pay little attention.

But recently I have had the opportunity to connect with a couple of women online who most would consider famous. First with Soleil Moon Frye. After I began writing for her website, I became interested in getting to know more about her and read her book.

And lately, I have been following the preparations for the upcoming Ricki Lake Show on Facebook and Twitter. I joined the Friends of Ricki community. They are doing some really fabulous, interesting, ground-breaking stuff online, and it's been fun to be part of.

So of course when I found out Ricki had a new book, I immediately purchased it.

The first thing that struck me when I began Never Say Never: Finding a Life That Fits was how vulnerable Ricki was willing to be. She impresses me as being very authentic. And I am attracted to that kind of person.

She openly shares the agony of being sexually abused as a young girl. Her lifelong struggles with weight. The pain of divorce. And a complicated and soul-searching journey to finding true unconditional love.

Through it all she shares behind-the-scenes details of her professional life, which those who have followed her career should find fascinating. Me? I was interested in the details of her life off the camera.

I found I had a great deal in common with Ricki. Her passion for birth options is absolutely in line with my work with The Mom Pledge. After reading the book, I watched her documentary The Business of Being Born for the first time.

And today, at 43 years old, Ricki and I are both in the best place we have ever been in our lives. We have found the life that fits us. It may have taken us a while, but now that we're here we're loving every minute of it.

It really is true what "they" warn, you should never say never. I got married at 38. Became a mother at 40. Then chose to be something I had never dreamed of, a stay-at-home mom. Now I'm indulging my passion for writing.

If I had said, "never" at any point along my path, who knows where I would be? It certainly wouldn't be as great as the place I find my life in at this very moment.

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