May 11, 2012

I speak for moms

Two of my favorite bloggers, Galit and Nicole, have teamed together and come up with a lovely writing meme. I found out about it at the last minute and this has been a crazy week, but I wanted to participate:

Why do you blog? What can you not keep quiet about? What legacy do you hope to leave with your words and your voice and your heart?


I speak for moms. Not because they can't or don't speak for themselves. But because we need to rise together in a collective voice.

I speak for moms, things that shouldn't have to be said. But they do. Sometimes - too often - moms are not nice to each other. And in the cacophony of ugliness that can occur on the internet, there needs to be a resounding voice of kindness.

I speak for moms, to remind us all to celebrate the joys of motherhood together and support one another through the challenges. The internet offers an unprecedented opportunity to do just that. And it has saved me.

I speak for moms, because motherhood is hard enough without having to deal with the judgment of others.

I speak for moms. But I don't speak alone. I speak in unison with many other moms.

We stand together, working to create an environment of respect, understanding and acceptance. We are building on the foundation of our common bond - motherhood.

Will you add your voice?

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