May 28, 2012

Conversations with a three year old

As difficult as three year olds can be, man are they funny. Without trying to be. They just say the most hilarious things! Here are some recent conversations I have had with SB which have made me chuckle:

          SB: "Your underwears have nuffeen on them."

          Me: "I know. I guess they are kind of boring, aren't they?"

          SB: "You need to get new ones."

          Me: "What kind should I get?"

          SB: "Sumfeen with flowers. All the colors of the rainbow."

My own mom is actually on a mission now to find women's underwear with flowers on them. Speaking of my mom, this was a conversation in the car the other day as we drove to my parents' house:

          SB: "All these cars going to DeeDee BaBop's house?"

          Me: "No. They are not going to DeeDee BaBop's house."

          SB: "Where they going?"

          Me: "I don't know."

          SB: "YES YOU DO!!!"

          Me: "No, honey, I don't."

          SB: (Hysterical) "YES!!!!!!!!"

At which point, I just started to make stuff up. I told her, "That person is going to work. That person is on her way to the grocery store. And that person has an appointment with his doctor." This made her happy.

The other day after I yawned while driving SB home from preschool, my three year old was kind enough to inform me:

          SB: "You can't sleep until it's night time, Mommy."

Yes, child, I am well aware.

And then you have the potty talk....

          SB (looking in the toilet after just having used it): "Wow. That's a massive poop."

I could not contain my laughter. And there was this:

          SB (again looking in the toilet): "It looks like a banana."

          Me (with a perfectly straight face): "Yes it does."

Nobody ever told me I would have such conversations and consider it totally normal.

And then there are the questions. Of course she asks, "Why?" no fewer than 1,000 times each day. But she asks some pretty big questions, too. These were recently posed over dinner:

          Why God make us?
          Where God live?
          Are there bad guys in Heaven?
          Where the bad guys go?

Pretty heavy stuff for a three year old. Hubby is convinced she will study philosophy.
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