May 23, 2012

Can you spot the seizure?

Do you see it? I'm told this is what an absence seizure looks like. I sent the last photo to a friend whose husband is a pediatric neurologist. He agrees that is likely what I captured.

I took these pictures last week. Then I went back and found others I have like this. Hubby found one going back close to a year. We always thought SB was tired and "zoning out." Now, I am making a photo album to show our neurologist.

I'm told if we can capture this on a EEG they will be able to make a definitive diagnosis. Absence seizures show a clear and distinctive pattern on an EEG. And while I wish it wasn't what I think it is, I do believe it will be best to know.

Last Saturday, SB appeared to have another complex partial seizure. That night, after she went to bed, I realized both times she has had one, it has been immediately after she got her face painted. I'm keeping a detailed event diary for the neurologist. It describes the suspected seizures and where, when and what SB was doing at the time.

There are already multiple entries since we saw the doctor last Tuesday. 

The video EEG is scheduled for June 20. I have to keep SB up all night and take her to the hospital at 8:30 AM. Any suggestions on how to keep a three year old up all night? We're thinking of taking her out for a late dinner then watching a movie together. Doing some crafts. Star gazing and blowing glow in the dark bubbles. 

Beyond that I'm kind of at a loss. I know it is going to take a significant effort to keep her awake. Not to mention myself...

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