May 8, 2012

A foundation

For the past three weeks we have looked at birth options, choices and experiences. I'm very proud of the series and humbled by how it was received.

Your stories and your responses confirmed for me what I stated at the start of the series - no single moment defines a woman more or puts her life in clearer perspective than when she gives birth. It is truly a Defining Moment.

That moment looks different for each of us. Birth can make a woman feel triumphant, or defeated. Powerful, or powerless. Proud or ashamed. Where there is joy, there can also be sadness. It is a moment as complicated as it is beautiful.

It is the moment that makes each of us a mother. And binds us together. We join a sorority that has existed since the beginning of humanity. Regardless of where or how we live, being mothers is something we have in common.

It behooves us to build on that foundation.

No matter how a woman gave birth or how she feels about her experience, she deserves respect, understanding and acceptance. That is the environment we strive to create here at The Mom Pledge Community.

Thank you to all the women who allowed me to profile them for this series:


And to our members who linked up their birth stories for our special blog hop. I enjoyed every single birth story I read.

Mostly, I enjoyed exploring this very important issue in keeping with the principles of The Mom Pledge. Being able to discuss our similarities and differences is so important.

You are all awesome, and you inspire me every day! Thank you for all you do to make the internet a positive place for moms to connect!
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