April 23, 2012


So, we had a little drama this past weekend. Of the medical variety. But this time, it wasn't me.

We were at a party on Saturday afternoon, and SB suffered a grand mal seizure. Out of the blue. She's never had one before.

I'd never witnessed a seizure before. That was scary enough. Having it be my child? Terrifying beyond words.

She was taken to the ER, evaluated and released. Blood work and a CAT scan were normal. We are to follow up with a pediatric neurologist for further testing.

She may never have another seizure. But until she has more tests, we are to watch her closely. Especially around water and on stairs or play equipment.

She was a big, brave girl. Was out of it for about an hour after the seizure. But once she was back to her normal self, it was a challenge keeping her entertained as we waited. Because the ER is all about waiting. No matter your age...

I am so over hospitals.

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