April 20, 2012

Ross' Rad Reads: You Cannot Be Serious

So the other day I was on Twitter, and I saw someone retweet a note from Elizabeth Lyons that her latest book was available for the nook at an outrageously low price. So I looked it up. The title?

You Cannot Be Serious: and 32 Other Rules that Sustain a (Mostly) Balanced Mom

I knew I had to read it!

With five children, including a set of twins, Elizabeth has learned to survive she needs a set of rules to follow. She describes her overall philosophy on motherhood this way:

"I decided that, no matter what anyone else said, I could and would have it all - as long as the "all" was self-defined and based on what I wanted to do, combined with what worked for me as well as the rest of my family, on any given day."

She has complied a list of rules which, she claims, enable her to "stay above the chaos that comes with motherhood in the 21st century." Along with each rule, Elizabeth shares humorous anecdotes of her life with five kids.

There were many of Elizabeth's rules I felt I could use to start my own list. I mean, I'm already basically following them:

  • Choose Happiness
  • You Cannot Be Serious
  • Go With Your Gut
  • Know What Inspires You
  • Switch Hats with Grace and Humility

There were others I could definitely stand to follow, so I would place them on my list as well:

  • Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
  • Give Yourself the Little Blue Box

Those two should really be on all our lists.

I could not relate to everything Elizabeth has on her list. My life is not as chaotic as hers; I only have one child. Some of her stories made me very grateful for this. Others made me feel there is not nearly enough daily hilarity in my life. 

But she doesn't expect her rules to work for everyone. "Every mom needs her own set of rules. And I wouldn't suggest for one second that my set will, in its entirety, work for you." 

That is the very essence of The Mom Pledge! And an overall philosophy I very much embrace.

This book made me laugh and made me think. Which is a very good combination. I'm giving it my Ross' Rad Reads Award!

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