April 4, 2012

The Potty Tales

I've been writing a lot about the trials and tribulations of potty training. I think it is an obligatory Mommy blogger thing to do. I mean, it takes so much of our time and effort, and causes so much frustration. Venting about it helps.

So, we experienced a little regression recently. Got past that. Then we attempted to get over the next hurdle - going #2 in the potty. Hubby and I started to focus on it because the programs we have SB signed up for this summer all require her to be fully potty trained.

And it backfired. She sensed we wanted her to do it and dug in her heels. Not only did she refuse to poop in the potty; she refused to poop period. She's had some issues with regularity in the past, but adding Miralax cleared that up. This was stubbornness.

After three days, I was concerned. When it had been nearly a week, I knew I needed to do something. Even with Miralax every day, she was not going. And she was starting to suffer. I explained to her that her body needs the poo poo to come out. She admitted she was trying to hold it in.

I told her I didn't care if she went poo poo in the potty or not; she just needed to go. And I think she wanted to at that point, but it had gone too far. After crying while I grocery shopped, doubling over and telling me her bottom hurt, I decided it was time to take drastic measures.

I administered a suppository. I told SB it would hurt for a little bit, and then she would feel much, much better. It was awful. She was in pain, scared, freaked out, hysterical. I was in tears. It felt like forever, but it didn't take long to work.

During those agonizing few minutes, as I hugged my sobbing child as she sat on the toilet, I had two thoughts: 1) I am the worst Mommy in the history of the world and 2) This will be so traumatizing she will never use the potty again.

And then, we turned a corner. She went. The tears ended. She told me she did feel much better. And she was happy. She said, "Daddy will be very proud of me."

"Yes, he will!" I replied. "Would you like to call him and tell him?"

"Yes! But first I run around the house with toilet paper."

Hubby had promised her when she went poo poo on the big potty for the first time, she could TP the inside of the house. Fortunately, she doesn't really get what that means. She just ran around with the roll and threw a little bit around. But she had fun nonetheless.

And I had some more fun with iMovie. For your enjoyment, I bring you The Potty Tales:

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