April 27, 2012

Over the hump

This family has been on the potty training train far too long. With lots of starts and stops and delays. When last I posted, SB had just reached a major milestone. But, the celebration was short lived.

First there was incident at the splash park at the zoo. SB refused to put on a swim diaper. When I saw her go behind a dolphin and squat, I sprinted across the splash park, scooped her up and ran like the wind to the bathroom.

Scared my mother half to death. She was afraid SB had fallen and gotten hurt. I was terrified my child was going to be responsible for shutting down the entire splash park.

She wasn't. But I was extremely frustrated.

Then she went six days without going #2. SIX DAYS. I was putting Miralax in everything she drank. Feeding her all the foods I know that encourage or assist in promoting a bowel movement. I could not believe she was able to hold it in that long.

Just like before, she was in pain because of it. I told her if she did not go on the potty on her own, I would have to use another suppository. She promptly sat on the toilet and got down to business.

And then we turned a corner. Since that day, she has been regularly going #1 and #2 in the potty. And wearing big girl underpants. And flashing them to anyone she comes into contact with. She's proud of herself, and we are relieved.

I know there will still be accidents from time to time. And she continues to wear a Pull-Up at night. But I truly hope this is the last post I ever have to write about potty training. It's been a long road. See?!

I'm so over it! Let's move on, shall we?
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