February 1, 2012


At three years old, SB and her peers still tend to engage in parallel play the majority of the time. Meaning they play in the same space with one another, not so much with each other.

When we have play dates, the guest(s) delight in the opportunity to play with new and different toys more than with the host(s). I can say, at least, that sharing is far less of an issue than it used to be.

When I go to pick SB up from preschool in the afternoons, her class is playing in the side playground, weather permitting. I will sit in my car for a few minutes and observe. Normally I see SB and her classmates engaging in parallel play. SB also seems fond of hanging out with her teachers.

She has had some trouble the past several weeks with pushing, hitting and other aggressive behaviors toward her peers. We haven't been able to figure out if it is due to her speech issues or simply normal for her age. Socialization is a key reason we placed her in preschool. And she has improved.

Last Friday I was thrilled to watch SB and two other girls actually playing WITH each other. And very nicely, I might add. It was such a relief to see her having fun and playing appropriately with her classmates. It gave me great joy.
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