February 22, 2012

Making magic

The String Bean has finally gotten to the point where she is peeing in the potty regularly. It's been a long road, with several starts and stops along the way.

My overall philosophy on this matter has been to let SB decide for herself when she was ready. I felt we'd be more successful if it was child led. That doesn't mean I haven't been frustrated by the process, or have never offered motivation or thought about trying out different approaches.

It is not uncommon for children with Apraxia to potty train on the late side. Apparently, it is one of the many things the condition can affect. One of SB's therapists pointed this out to me and encouraged me to go with my instincts and not push. I'm glad I listened.

SB's preschool does not require her to be potty trained at this point. So we have had the luxury of waiting and being patient. In order to move up to the next classroom in the fall, however, she does need to be using the potty. I had been envisioning a potty training boot camp this summer if she didn't take the initiative herself.

She did. And thank goodness, because I had been dreading the potential. But, she still won't poop in the potty. She's been having trouble with constipation recently, and I suspect it is self-induced and contributing to the training issues.

There have been no changes in her diet that explain it. I've talked to her pediatrician, as well as other moms, and am trying several recommended methods for getting her back on track to where she is regular. Hopefully, that will help us continue to move forward.

Some days she is willing to try, but becomes fearful when she feels it is going to happen and runs away from the potty. She's afraid it is going to hurt. Most days she won't even attempt it. I do crack up, however, every time she asks to drink pear juice and says, "To help the poo poo come out my bottom."

Potty training is not for the weak. And because if you can't laugh, you'll cry, I give you this:

The title comes from the writing on SB's princess potty chair - "Making my own magic." I find it to be hilarious. Who thought it was a good idea to put that on a child's potty chair?! Maybe they did it to offer parents a little comic relief from the stresses of potty training...

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