February 13, 2012


So, in case you weren't aware, we recently went on vacation. It would be impossible NOT to be aware if you have visited my blog at all in the last three weeks. It's pretty much all I've talked about. I'm almost done; I promise.

We were staying on a tiny island on the Gulf of Mexico to celebrate our anniversary. We already knew from our experience over our wedding weekend that cell phone service was spotty at best on the island. What we weren't sure of was how well the resort's advertised free wi-fi service would function.

Now, it's no secret I spend a lot of time online. I packed my laptop for the trip expecting to have the opportunity to keep up with my blogging and social media. I have a smart phone, but prefer to use my computer for most things internet-related.

Hubby brought his own laptop. We're not big TV watchers these days. But we did also have my Nook Color and books/magazines to take along so we could get some reading in.

Our first night there, after SB had gone to bed, we were both sitting on the screened porch of our cottage listening to the ocean. Out came the laptops. And we discovered the wi-fi was going to be very unreliable. At best.

Sometimes we could connect. Sometimes we could not. Even when we were connected, the internet was ridiculously slow and would go in and out. It was pointless. I put my laptop away and grabbed a book.

For most of the trip, my laptop was in the room safe. I would get it out daily and try to connect. But if I couldn't, I didn't care. And that's what was funny. I rely every day on being online. One might think I would be stressed about not being able to do so. But I wasn't.

Hubby was. I was so amused by his frustration throughout the vacation over the inability to get online. As much as he likes to tease me about being obsessed with the internet, he has a habit of his own. Online news. Devours it. Day and night. He couldn't get his fix on his trip, and was not unlike an addict suffering from withdrawal.

The lack of internet access enable us to connect on our vacation. Which is, of course, the point. Now, neither hubby nor I allow online time to interfere with family time in our normal life. For both of us, the time spent on our computers is largely when SB is asleep. And, in my case, when she is in preschool or speech therapy.

I enjoyed the opportunity to disconnect. I didn't worry about what I might be missing, or whether or not I would be missed. Sadly, I was unable to get into the book I started. It just wasn't working for me. But I found plenty of opportunity on our trip to relax and unwind.

And have managed to make up for my time away from the internet since we returned home...
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