February 17, 2012

The Bunnies

Meet The Bunnies. They represent a mere fraction of SB's massive stuffed animal collection. And for reasons I am unable to determine, they have recently become The Chosen Ones:

The Bunnies must go everywhere with SB. And I mean EVERYWHERE. She will not leave the house without them. She does have to leave them in the car most of the time, as she can't take them to speech therapy or preschool with her. But they go in the car.

Not only that, they go in the carseat with her. I dare not forget to place every single one of them next to her in her seat before I begin to drive. Along with her security blanket Miss Kitty and an actual blanket. In the last few months, she has become extremely attached to this menagerie.

Of course she sleeps with them. And yes, I know they are not all bunnies. There is a bear in there, and a giraffe. She knows they are not all bunnies. But as a group, they are known as The Bunnies. Or, My Bunnies. As in:

"Mommy, where are my bunnies?"

"Mommy, don't forget my bunnies!"

"Mommy, I need my bunnies!"

And my favorite:

"Mommy, you carry my bunnies!"

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