January 25, 2012

Tall girls rule

After a brief stint last year during which she was actually ON the height chart for her age, SB is back off. Way off. At her three year check up, she measured 40.5 inches tall and weighed 31 pounds. She grew four inches in the last year, and gained one pound.

She will likely be four feet tall or more by the time she begins Kindergarten. I distinctly remember my first day of elementary school. I refused to let my mom come in with me (a day she remembers well also). I knew where I was going, and I was going by myself.

I marched up the steps and into the school building without so much as a glance back at mom. Took a left and headed to my classroom. But a teacher stopped me in the hallway right before I got there. She told me I was going the wrong way, and began to walk me to the second grade classroom.

She did not believe me when I said it was my first day of Kindergarten. She thought I was lying because I was nervous about starting second grade. She took me to the principal's office. Which led to me crying and wanting my mommy.

I don't know how tall I was when I began Kindergarten. I do know when I reached the sixth grade I was 5'7". Today I stand 5'10" in my bare feet. Put me in some heels and I am well over 6'.

Being tall as a grown woman is awesome. Being tall as a young girl and teen is painfully awkward. I remember that all too well. Hopefully, I can help SB get through it, be comfortable in her skin and always stand tall with confidence.

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