January 16, 2012


For the first time, SB has begun to resist working on her speech. She's doing great in the therapy sessions. They are pushing her hard these days, and she's managing well. But, she no longer enjoys working at home on her sounds.

Each week, I am given a "homework" assignment, something I am to work with SB on at home in between her therapy sessions. Her SLPs always try to make it fun. And, until recently, she always enjoyed it and was eager to work with me.

Last week, she threw her homework in the trash. At the direction of her therapists, hubby and I have been focusing on her speech more. When we know she is capable of making a sound, we push her to do so. Now, she's pushing back. Refusing to even try.

I think part of the issue is that they are working on some harder things with her. It isn't easy. She's come a long way, but at only three years old, it's difficult for her to realize how much she has accomplished. And it's not as fun as it used to be.

Before, all SB knew was speech therapy. We called it "school," even though it really isn't. When she started preschool last month, we began to refer to that as "big girl school." She loves it there, and I think that is contributing to the problem.

Big girl school is fun. School is work. SB knows the difference, and prefers the former. Not surprising. Not at all abnormal. But I am going to need to find some ways to motivate her to keep on working. It's important, and a value she needs to learn.

Any ideas?
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