January 20, 2012

Ready to celebrate

Congratulations to Jessica Anne, who won the signed copy of Soleil Moon Frye's HAPPY CHAOS! Hope you enjoy it!

Two weeks from today, hubby and I will celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. We are traveling down to the South Florida island resort where we were married. With the String Bean in tow. And I'm OK with that.

One reason for this is that we don't have anyone who could stay with her while we are gone. But this will also likely be the only vacation we take this year. And I'm happy for it to be a family one.

We are staying in a seaside cottage, steps from the Gulf of Mexico and facing due west for optimal sunset viewing. The resort has a great pool and is very family friendly. It will be fun for all of us. I want to enjoy this trip with SB.

Of course, I'd also love to have some time alone with my husband. The resort provided me with a list of recommended babysitters. We'll have no reason to stray from the property. We can leave SB in our cottage with a capable, trustworthy adult and enjoy a night "out."

We'll eat dinner in the same restaurant where our wedding reception was held. Drink at the bar where we celebrated with family and friends that weekend. It will be a wonderful trip down memory lane, and I cannot wait.

Taking this trip with SB is, to me, the perfect way to celebrate the life we have built together the last five years. All the love, excitement and hope we felt on that day five years ago has come to fruition. We are a family, which is what we were looking forward to when this was taken:

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