December 19, 2011

Joy beyond measure

The other day I came across this video from last December:

And I was shocked. Absolutely floored. You see, I had forgotten one year ago at this time, SB WAS UNABLE TO SPEAK. Just shy of her second birthday, she had a vocabulary of no more than 10 words, and used sign language to communicate.

In the beginning of the video, she whines for "No," grunts for "Yes" and signs "Train" (out of the frame of the video) to let us know what she wanted. She had been in speech therapy for only a few months. It's been a year since this was filmed, and I have completely forgotten what things were like.

Today, she has so much to say her mouth can't keep up with her brain. She can be difficult to understand, and has a long way to go. But she is a nonstop talker. When I look at this video, I am blown away. I take it for granted that she can speak now.

I can't even express to you in words what I feel over watching this. Just... wow. It is truly amazing. 

SB and her team of speech therapists have accomplished SO much! Wonderful Miss Natalie started us on our journey. Then the fabulous team of Miss Laurie and Miss Maria built on that foundation. Words cannot express how grateful I am for all they have done.

Last week, I proudly watched as SB participated in her preschool's Christmas pageant. The night before, she practiced at the dinner table:

And I cried.
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