December 9, 2011

Girl trouble

There are many wonderful things about being a woman. We get to have babies, for starters! But the same things that make our bodies amazing can also cause us trouble.

SB is unfortunately learning about this early on. She has had recurring urinary tract infections. It's awful. She cries and moans and tells us it hurts. Last week, she went almost 24 hours without going #1. Despite having plenty of fluids.

The doctor was going to have to use a catheter to get a sample, and I was almost hysterical. Finally, she was able to go in the potty.

And while I felt badly for her, I also had to laugh and take this photo:

The doctor felt we'd have a better chance at success if SB was at home, where she could be more comfortable. She gave us something she referred to as a "hat" to use on the toilet to capture the sample.

SB heard, "hat" and immediately wanted to put it on her head. When we got home, she chose to sit on her Elmo potty and wear the hat on her head.

She thought it looked like a cowboy hat, so she said, "Yee Haw. Giddy up!" I HAD to take this picture. Even in misery, she was freaking adorable. And yes, I will have some fun with this picture in the future.

I'm hopeful this will be the start of SB using the potty again. Despite the fact that she can, she has been refusing to of late. And, she resists being changed when she is soiled. Which is probably why she got this UTI in the first place.

Now, she's eager to try again. She also started "big girl school" last Friday. Many of her classmates are potty trained. The class schedule actually involves lining all the kids up to use the potty several times a day. We have our fingers crossed that will be the motivation she needs to get over the hump.

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