December 21, 2011

Death and childhood

On a recent family visit to our local library, hubby came across a copy of DVD for Charlotte's Web. It made both of us feel nostalgic. It has been years since we had seen the movie, so we wanted to check it out.

We weren't sure, however, if SB is old enough, or how she would react to it. My suspicion was that she would enjoy the talking animals and songs, and the climactic event would sail over her head.

We decided to get it. And SB did enjoy watching "the pig and the wider" (she's still working on S). But as the death scene approached, I began to get nervous.

As you may recall from this post, I believe in being honest and matter of fact with SB on a level she can understand. But I really wasn't sure how much she was capable of understanding on the topic of death.

When the time came, SB was concerned that Wilber was so upset and Charlotte was gone.

"Where wider go?"

"The spider died, sweetie."


"Yes. Charlotte laid her eggs, and then she died. That is how nature works sometimes."

SB basically shrugged and turned back to the movie. Since she asked no further questions and did not seem at all concerned, I left well enough alone. And was relieved to do so.

There will come a time I will have to talk to her about death. Most likely when we lose one of our pets. That is going to be hard. I don't look forward to it.

When a child learns about death, she loses part of her innocence. And I don't think any parent is in a hurry to have that happen.
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