November 11, 2011

Searching for one

The journey to publication is full of ups and downs, as is life. And I have had my share since I began querying literary agents in my quest to become traditionally published.

A couple of months ago, I won a blog contest. The prize was a book proposal critique from a senior editor at a major publishing house. I was stoked. And also a little scared. After all, what is she thought it sucked?

She didn't, thankfully. Her suggested edits were relatively minor. She offered some incredibly valuable insight. Recommended organizational changes. But overall, she felt it was a very strong proposal. Which felt AWESOME!

I made the revisions and sent the new and improved proposal off to an interested agent. And promptly received this:

Thank you for sending your proposal. While I remain intrigued by the premise, I regret I didn’t connect with the material in the way I’d hoped and so wouldn’t be the best match.

I was completely deflated. Rejection does not get easier. In fact for me it is getting worse. I have come so far. So far. And have felt I was tantalizingly close to realizing my dream. And yet, I am not there.

A writer friend once told me her policy was to send out a new query every time she received a rejection. I usually send out at least two. This time, I sent out an entire batch.

Within days I had a couple of rejections. And, another request to review my proposal. I'll admit I don't get quite as excited now when this happens as I did at the beginning of my journey. 

But, as everyone tells me (and I know it is true), it only takes one. I will keep searching...
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