November 30, 2011

My day

Today is my birthday. Last year, I spent the day like this:

This year, getting pampered at an oceanside spa is not in the budget. But, my hubby has this week off from work. So, I have set a few ground rules for my special day:
  • I will not cook, clean or do laundry.
  • I will enjoy my meals (the ones not prepared by me) in a leisurely manner.
  • I will go to the bathroom by myself, with the door closed and - gasp! - locked.
  • I will not wipe anyone else's a**.
  • I will get a much needed pedicure.
That seems reasonable. Doesn't it? What about you? What would your special day look like if you had the opportunity to create it?

While you think about that, I'll leave you with two cute quotes from SB yesterday:

"Mommy, tomorrow is your birthday, and I'm going to tell you Happy Birthday, OK?"
"Mommy, Daddy has balloons and birthday cake for you in his room (office)!"

I was laughing so hard at that last one I cried. And hubby learned an important lesson - kids can't keep secrets.

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