November 4, 2011

A girl and her pets

The older SB becomes, the closer her bond with our pets. She adores them and loves to interact with them. With our cat, R.T., the feeling is mutual. He is CRAZY about her. His new favorite spot in the house is on her bed. When she is in it.

And despite the fact that he gets up and walks away from her in this video right after she says, "I love you R.T.," he really does feel the same about her:


Our dog Shaggy has been much more reluctant to bond with SB. He is still a little freaked out by her. And, I can't say that I blame him. But, he is very patient and sweet, and their relationship is strengthening:


Right after I shot this, SB bent over to hug Shaggy and told him, "You're my best friend." That is what they say about dogs, after all!
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