November 25, 2011

A promise

I don't get to read as many of your posts as I would like, but I am often inspired by your words. Many of our members write thoughtful, meaningful content that contributes to an open, respectful online environment.

People are watching our community. Closely. For a variety of reasons. As we continue to grow and spread our message, we have the exciting opportunity to lead by example.

I am occasionally contacted by someone who feels a member of our community is not adhering to the principles of The Mom Pledge. And in some cases I have agreed with the assessment.

In order to have an impact, The Mom Pledge needs to be more than just words. Its principles need to mean something. We strive to demonstrate that moms can get along. That we can respect each other, even when we disagree.

The Mom Pledge is not about policing the Internet or dictating what people say or do. Everyone has the right to express herself. And not all will believe in its principles. But no one has the right to bully.

The foundation of the Mom Pledge community is that expression, consideration and understanding can - and should - go together. We have made a promise to each other, and are working to create a positive place for moms to interact.

I will admit, for me it has not always been easy to keep that promise. Sometimes, the responsibility feels like a heavy weight on my shoulders. I have strong opinions. Emotional responses to things I see and hear. I am human.

But I started this, and I am deeply committed to our cause. Together, we can make a difference. By making the promise, you already are. And I thank you for it.
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