October 28, 2011

Writers Feature 6

I'm introducing you to the members of my group of writers in the Platform-Building Campaign. Each Friday throughout the remainder of the campaign, I've be featuring several writers from the nonfiction group. This is the final installment. I hope you'll take the opportunity to get to know:

My blog is about my journey from being a Writer to becoming an Author. I started seriously pursuing a career in writing after age 40 which I consider is a "late bloomer", therefore the name of the blog. I also created the group on the site SheWrites.com called Blooming Late for other women like myself who are pursuing a serious career in writing after age 40. I write mostly paranormal, be it fiction or non-fiction. I am also working on a spiritual non-fiction and my memoir.

AJ Borowsky
Hello! I'm AJ and I'm happy you've taken the time to visit my latest answer to the very personal question "What Next." I thrive on motion, on discovering new things about the world and myself. My inate curiosity leads me to ask "What Next" and I think that desire to keep moving forward makes a big difference in life.

Instead of simply going to school, getting a job, and working until I retire, what next has led me down many different paths from owning and operating rental properties in New Jersey and California, to starting several websites, exploring the possibility of opening a restaurant, taking steps to become a financial planner, and finally to write a book. And I'm not done yet!

Join me on a hike through life to find your passion!

I'm born and raised in Palm Beach County, Florida and love almost nothing more than picking up quirky little facts about the county and state and sharing them. Have you ever driven by something and thought, "I wonder how in the heck THAT got there?" I do it constantly. And then I run to my friends at the Historical Society of Palm Beach County or Rosa, my friend and the Historian at the North Palm Beach Public Library, and dig in the records to find out. 

I currently write a monthly column for Seabreeze Publications, Inc. (seabreezepublications.com) and am working on a collection of short stories that combine my memories of life here as a child with the history I've since learned to make it enjoyable for you to learn something interesting (and awesome cocktail party trivia) about the history of the State of Florida. It was an incredibly beautiful place to grow up.

Undergraduate degree, Colby College; MA in teaching from Columbia Teacher's College; former high school English teacher in three states; former owner of interior design co. with advanced degree from R.I. School of Design. Published first book in 2009 titled, MINOR LEAGUE MOM: A MOTHER'S JOURNEY THROUGH THE RED SOX FARM TEAMS. Now working on humorous manuscript titled, TERMS OF ENDEARMENT: RULES FOR GROWN CHILDREN WITH ELDERLY PARENTS.

Mom/parent to a teenager, daughter/part-time caretaker to two multiple-cancer surviving (so far) parents, wife to a stand-up guy, and teacher/facilitator of creative writing and art ... carving out time for my own writing/creating.

I'm interested in "process" -- the writing/creating itself -- above a final "product." That said, finishing is an integral part of any creative process. With this in mind, my published work tends to be predominantly of the "literary CNF and fiction" variety -- with some poetry thrown in.

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