October 21, 2011

Writers Feature 5

I'm introducing you to the members of my group of writers in the Platform-Building Campaign. Each Friday throughout the remainder of the campaign, I'll be featuring several writers from the nonfiction group. I hope you'll take the opportunity to get to know them:

I believe that the first step in becoming a writer is being able to say, “I’m a writer.” So, hello everyone. My name is Alana Saltz, and I’m a writer. While I tend to write across genres, my passion lies in writing memoir. I’m currently working on a full-length memoir about my experiences growing up with anxiety disorder. I’m also pursuing an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

I’ve always been told that writing is a hobby, not a job. When I tell people that I’m a writer, they say, “That’s nice, but what do you do for money?” It’s true, I don’t write for money. I write because I love it. However, I hope that my love of writing will eventually translate into some sort of income. I do provide editing and proofreading services to writers who need a fresh pair of eyes on their work.

In terms of credentials, if you’re looking for them: I have a BA in English from Occidental College. My creative work has been published in several literary magazines. I’ve taught a few writing classes at local community and senior centers. I started The Pasadena Writers’ Collective, a writing workshop that has been going strong for almost two years. And, most importantly, I’ve been writing stories, poems, and essays since I was eight years old. Writing is my life, my passion.

I predominantly write sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and somewhere along and between those genre lines. However, I also write casual short stories from my life, limiting it to subjects and tales which are interesting, humorous, and relatable.

As a student nurse, aspiring seminarian, and thus someone very involved in social justice, I also write a number of non-fiction pieces.

My blog is where I will post excerpts, links to published work, and full pieces. Please pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and poke around.

Jo Carroll
So - I've done it. Gap Years are Wasted on the Young will be a book. Since coming home from my travels I've bullied my diaries into some sort of order, threw them about a bit to see who might catch them (there was interest, responses which varied from 'this is wonderful, shame we can't fit it in our list' to the routine rejection). Just once it made it as far as an acquisitions meeting.

Stay with me; I'm not about to put something that obviously wasn't good enough into the public arena. I won a place on the Exeter mentoring school, and Paul has shaken and stirred the old manuscript - cajoling, encouraging, nagging me into seeing it differently.

So it was back to the computer, to draft, and redraft, and redraft - until he was happy with it. And then another draft until I was happy with it. Well, almost. But it's down to word-tinkering now.

Alana Garrigues
Freelance writer, native Portlander and family gal living in the greater Los Angeles area. Writercize is an interactive writing site updated 4 times weekly, generally M-Th. Exercises to inspire word play, hone the craft of the written word and bulldoze writer's block for authors, bloggers, poets, freelancers, teachers, students, dreamers and writers of all kinds. I try out the writercize alongside you, so what you see is unedited. I may love it, I may not, but I'll post what comes to me.

I’m a Midwesterner who’s developed a desire for change as a woman reaching her midlife point. I still suck at French, but I’m working on it. I take thousands of photos (hooray, digital cameras!) but don’t always know what I’m doing. And I’m starting to write again. My goal is to keep moving in as many ways as I can until my time is up. Why don’t you join me?

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