October 16, 2011

Fighting for the impossible?

The other day, I got in to an interesting conversation with some women on Twitter. One blogger was receiving heat for a post she wrote. I read it and felt she had expressed her opinion well, in a non-judgmental manner. I personally did not find it offensive. Some people did, and things were getting ugly in the comments.

This happens again and again. One of things The Mom Pledge stands for is creating an atmosphere where moms can discuss their differences "in a respectful, non-judgmental manner." Is that being naive? Is that even achievable? Furthermore, can we offer our personal opinions without being considered disrespectful or judgmental?

That was the topic of our Twitter discussion. I joined an ongoing conversation and asked the women if they thought it was possible to discuss our differences without things getting ugly. Here were the responses:

  • I guess when people feel strongly about something it will always become heated. I try to stay above the fray and not get involved in the mud slinging.
  • I think it's possible but not likely, unfortunately.
  • Yes we should, but more often than not, it is not possible. Disappoints me every time.
  • It's possible but easier in person, IMO. Online "debates" bring out the worst.
  • No, I don't. I think you can start out a discussion with civility, but there will always be someone who makes it into a fight. And, then? It's over.
  • People are more civil and less likely to "flame" in person.
  • Yes, I agree completely. People are actually able to discuss in person. Imagine that!
  • There is something about being behind a keyboard and screen that allows people to say things that they normally wouldn't. Been like that forever and I doubt it will ever change.

That last comment was the kicker for me. I realize in many ways I am fighting an uphill battle, but I am really working toward something that is unattainable? I would love your honest thoughts on this. You can comment below or join the discussion on our Blog Frog Community, which can be reached from this page.
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