October 27, 2011

A closer look

I normally don't blog on Thursdays, but I wanted to follow up on this post with an update. I greatly appreciate all your concern and good wishes over the past several days. It has meant a lot.

I saw the cardiologist yesterday. The two things he noted during the exam were an elevated heart rate (my resting rate is in the 120s) and skipped heart beats (the palpitations I've been feeling). Neither of which necessarily indicates a serious problem. An EKG performed in his office was normal.

He asked all kinds of questions. Reviewed the test results from my ER visit, as well as those sent over by my primary care physician. And noted that on paper I look like a very healthy woman.

I am scheduled for a stress test and echo cardiogram tomorrow morning. He also wants to check my thyroid function, so I will go to the lab to have blood drawn today. It seemed to me he feels that is the most likely culprit.

Based on the results from those tests, he may order a 24 hour heart monitor for me. He considered sending me home with it yesterday. But, the bottom line is, nothing major stands out. There are no red flags. He agrees a closer look is warranted. And the results of further tests will tell us what direction to take next.

While we were discussing my past blood work, I asked him what things I can do to bring my good cholesterol up (it was on the low end of the normal range last time it was tested). He suggested exercise and red wine. Making him my favorite doctor I've ever seen. I mean, seriously, a recommendation to drink more red wine?! I'm all for it!

Again, I thank you for your concern, and promise to keep you updated.
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