October 3, 2011

Chatty Cathy

SB has a new nickname. We call her Chatty Cathy. She's making great progress in speech therapy, and has LOTS to say. Much of it is still difficult to understand. But her vocabulary increases daily, and it is such a joy to hear her beautiful voice!

Her speech therapists are thrilled and amazed by how far she has come. She still has a long road ahead of her. And it is starting to be uphill. In the beginning, her therapists told me the goal was to build her confidence. They focused on things she could do, so she'd feel good about herself and want to keep working hard.

Now, they've passed that stage and are challenging her. I sensed it, because she was starting to say, "I no want go school, Mommy" some mornings. Miss Laurie confirmed my suspicions and said they are pushing her now. They are working on things that are difficult for her, and it can wipe her out.

We are all so proud of how hard she works. She rarely becomes frustrated. She just keeps trying. She is not as enthusiastic about working with me on her homework on the days she doesn't have therapy. And I have not pushed. I just talk to her and keep the conversation going.

I've been trying to record her talking for some time. It's not easy. Either she will clam up when she sees the camera, or she's running around and the camera can't focus - or I need to put it down to keep her out of trouble. But the other day I had a little chat with her while she had a snack. As a bonus, you get to see SB in her Halloween costume...

This is not the best representation of her current abilities, but it is something. And, compared to where we were when she began, it is REALLY something. SB has now been in speech therapy for a year. One year ago, she was 21 months old and her only words were "Mama," "Dada" and "Da" (for "that"). Today, I could not begin to count the words in her vocabulary. Nor could I measure my pride. 
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