October 17, 2011

Beer and coffee

I am extremely sleep deprived and for once, it has nothing to do with my child. In fact, SB has been sleeping very well. We moved her bedtime back an hour since she no longer naps, and she sleeps a good 12-13 hours a night. It's awesome.

No, she's not the issue. It's the boys in my life who are keeping me up. The Boys of Summer, that is. You see, I am a baseball fan. And my team is in the playoffs. And I live on the East Coast. Are you starting to see the problem?

Night after night of late games and little sleep. That is the nature of October baseball. Don't get me wrong; I love it! I am so pumped. But I am also tired. Drinking way too much beer and coffee. And watching more TV than I normally do in a year's time.

And, as of last night my team will be heading to the World Series. Which means I can expect the sleep deprivation to continue for a little bit longer. Not complaining. It's all good. Better get to the store and stock up on beer. And coffee.

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