October 5, 2011


You know what they say about the apple and the tree? Well when it comes to SB and me, nothing could be more true. And it goes far beyond physical appearances. Not only is my child the spitting image of me, it turns out she IS me!

People comment all the time on how much SB looks like me. And she does. What is uncanny is how much she looks like me at that age. I don't have a working scanner to be able to show you a side by side comparison, but basically the only difference is hair color. Mine was dark brown; hers is blonde.

My mom recently came across a copy of a letter she wrote to her mother back in July 1971. I was SB's age. She called and told me I would be amazed when I read it. Then she put it in the mail to me. Holy cow! The child she was describing in that letter could have easily been SB.

Let's start with the physical. Besides looks, we had the same body. When I was 32 months old, I was "40 inches tall and approximately 32 pounds." Monday at the pediatrician, SB measured 39 inches tall and 30 pounds, and she is 31 months old.

Then there is personality. My mom's describes me as a happy, self-confident, independent and strong willed child. Um, yeah. That sounds familiar.

Remember a few weeks ago when I confessed I was struggling? Check out my mom's words. (Note: My nickname growing up was Betsy.)

"She is going through a funny time - very mercurial in the sense that there are many highs and lows within one given day. Two and a half is supposed to be a difficult age, and at times Betsy acts as if she read the book that tells parents to expect some difficulties... NOW I know why people talk about the 'Terrible Twos.' Do you remember me being a monster at this age?"

Funny thing is, my mom has always told me I was an easy child and she never remembered me being difficult. Guess she blocked that part out. But, for the most part, it is normal for a toddler to be challenging. Here is where things get really interesting...

"Betsy has such a strong will - becomes very authoritarian and demanding - ordering everyone around, including us! ... She's forever saying, 'You come here! We do THIS! You do THAT!' However, other children seem to like her and she gets along well with them."

OK, seriously. This is freaking me out. Hubby and I have been working hard with SB to help her understand that she cannot boss people around. Including, and most especially, us. She speaks the very words my mother typed in that letter all.the.time!

I wrote about her attitude on And Nobody Told Me recently. And basically, I was telling you everything my mom was telling her mom. Freaky.
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