September 23, 2011

Writers Feature

As a participant in the Platform-Building Campaign, I am part of a group of writers who, like me, write primarily nonfiction. I'd like to take the opportunity to introduce you to my fellow writers.

There are 35 in my group, including me, so I'll be breaking it down and featuring a few each week through the campaign end. Each Friday through 10/28, I will share bios and links for several of the participants. It is a very diverse group, from all over the world!

I hope you will take the opportunity to get to know some of these writers. I am going in the order they signed up for the campaign, and taking excerpts from their About Me pages. Be sure to visit their blogs (by clicking their names) to learn more about them!

Jolene Stockman
I’m Jolene, a fast-talking film fan that loves fizzy drinks and shiny things. I was the shy kid. I couldn’t speak but I read a lot, and plotted my world take over by torchlight.

When my lack of confidence threatened my dreams, I took action and changed my life! I know what it takes to think big, jump in, and create a dream world. Now I want to help you do it, too!

Everything is possible! Start now!

I began writing memoirs in the second grade when I wrote A Book About Me.

My memoir-in-progress or MIP focuses on my life as a caregiver and spouse following my late-husband Jimmy’s brain stem stroke. I also write personal essays and fiction including picture books.

I earned the second place award in the Memoir Book category for In a Blink in the SouthWest Writers 2009 contest. In 2011, an essay about my dog Eddie was among 101 stories published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Dog’s Life.

I am a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and Pikes Peak Writers. And, hate to miss any Springs Writers meetings.

Frances has a number of passions, among them writing, history, & hats.

Starting with personal essays, she soon expanded into writing for magazines, mostly historical features. Her work has appeared in The Family Chronicle, The History Magazine, Herb Quarterly, and she is a regular contributor to Renaissance Magazine. Her original essay Graelem's Song was winner of the Creative Writing Contest held by the nature journal, Whisper in the Woods, in 2006.

Frances will achieve her MFA in Creative Writing at Lesley University in January of 2012. Her works-in-progress include a novel and a memoir.
She lives in lovely New England with her husband, their Boston Terrier, and two Persian cats.

By thinking outside of the box (or at least trying to), I hope to discover how the relationship between writing and motherhood makes me a better writer and a better mother.

The parallels drawn between writing, being a mother, and childhood are described in this blog to serve as a source of inspiration for other writer-mamas.

I welcome your comments, advice, and stories about your adventures as a writer-mama! I am passionate about writing short stories and literary essays focused on the journey of being a woman.

Angela Yuriko Smith
A professional writer with extensive experience in newspapers and online publications. Her work has been featured internationally, including a live interview on NPR.

Under her former byline she worked for two years as a contract writer which included interviews with Joan Jett, John Nance, Amy Dacyczyn, and Randy’L He-Dow Teton, the only living model for an American coin. There she published over 60 articles and maintained two columns entitled SAHMM I Am, Military by Moonlight and covered the 9/11 crisis from the viewpoint of a military spouse. She was also interviewed at that time for the Satellite Sister’s Show on National Public Radio.

Previously published under the byline of Angela Yuriko Cato and occasionally under her pen name of Dandilyon Jinx, she currently lives in Australia. She also has a large collection of regular newspaper clips from her time at The Community News in Browns Mills, New Jersey and a few pieces for The Daily News in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

L'Aussie Denise
Her About Me page is empty, but what I can tell you about Denise is that she is an Aussie (you probably figured that one out) who loves to read, write and travel. In addition to the Platform-Building Campaign, she recently joined The Insecure Writers Support Group. Each Wednesday, members of the group share their doubts and fears, struggles and triumphs.

Her favorite quote is "In writing, failures are those who gave up just when they were about to make it, so keep going!" Good advice!

The features will continue next week! In the meantime, you can find a complete list of all the writers participating in the campaign here. The nonfiction group is #53. There are MANY others writers participating in the campaign, from every genre possible!

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