September 1, 2011

Say Something Nice

August was Mom to Mom month, when members of The Mom Pledge Community were encouraged to pass the word about our mission on to someone they know. And of course you are welcome to continue doing so.

I'm kicking off a special event for this month called Say Something Nice. I was inspired by this video making the rounds on the internet recently:

Here's how our event will work...

During the month of September, visit the member blogs listed on either side of you on our Community page. Take a few minutes to look around, then say something nice by leaving a friendly comment. You don't have to follow them if their site is not your style. Just take the opportunity to brighten their day.

If you have the time, browse our member list and visit more blogs that are new to you. Or commit to leaving comments here for our featured members this month. And of course, keep showing love to your favorite bloggers. It is always appreciated!

Don't have a blog or read them? Take the opportunity to say something nice to a mom you know, either online or in real life. And by all means, don't let me limit you with my ideas. Feel free to come up with your own!

See if saying something nice doesn't bring a smile to your own face. And have fun!
Say Something Nice!

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