September 12, 2011


          SB wants to wear the same dress every day. Eat the same foods. Read the same book over and over. And over. She watches the same episode of the same TV show ad nauseum. That tiara? Has been on her head for over a month straight now.
          I had heard about this phase, but OMG! The endless repetition is killing me! If I have to read, "Happy Halloween, Curious George" one more time, I'm certain my head will explode.
          And then there are the conversations we have!

          "I want cookie."

          "We don't have cookies for breakfast, sweetie. How about a banana?

          "I want cookie."

          "Yes, Mommy heard you. But the answer is no. Would you like a banana? Or maybe some peanut butter and toast?"

          "I want cookie!!!"

          "Sweetie, I am not giving you cookies for breakfast."


          Some variation of the "I want" conversation takes place in our house no fewer than 100 times a day. Along with multiple discussions like:

          "I like pink purple."

          "Those are your favorite colors, aren't they?"
          "Yeah, Mommy!"

          "Would you like to color?"

          "I like pink purple."

          "I know you do, honey. Should I get your crayons?"

          "I like pink purple crayons."

          My personal favorite are the status updates, where SB tells me 100 times what she is going to do next. Like this conversation, which took place during dinner after we promised SB we would have a movie night in her room (using Daddy's iPad) as a reward for good behavior (after a long week of bad behavior):

          "I watch Little Mermaid in my room."

          "Yes, after your bath."

          "I watch Little Mermaid in my room."

          "Yes, honey. It will be fun."

          "I watch Little Mermaid in my room."

          "Mmm hmmm."

          "I watch..."

          You get the picture. It's no wonder I feel I am losing my mind. But hey, her speech is coming along great! Can anyone tell me what this phase all about? And, more importantly, how you survive it?!
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