September 26, 2011

The places we'll go

The other day SB grabbed my hand and said, "Come on, Mommy! We play dress up!" She was already in a tutu and tiara, with jewelry. And these cheap slippers that came with a Dora the Explorer nightgown I got at Target. She calls them her "glass slippers."

"OK," I answered as she pulled me in to the living room. "What do I get to be?"

"You be nice arrrr matey." She handed me a pirate hat and sword.

"Great! Would you like to come on my pirate ship?"

She nodded enthusiastically. We climbed on the couch and talked about all the places we could go on my pirate ship. SB said she wanted to go to New York City. Which she says all the time. She saw it on TV once, I think on the news, and said, "I go there!" Hasn't stopped saying it, either.

Anyway, I remembered my sound machine has a City Noise setting. So we moved the pirate ship upstairs to SB's bedroom (we use the sound machine to play white noise in her room at night). I turned it on and we heard the constant hum of the city, with an occasional honking horn. I described to SB what New York is like. The tall buildings. The people. Taxis. The subway. Central Park. Lots of yummy restaurants. She was mesmerized.

Then I explained to her that we can travel to many far away places in our minds, using our imagination. She looked confused, so I switched the sound machine to the next setting, which turned out to be Rainforest. We sat and listened and I talked to her about what it is like there, and what animals live in the rainforest.

My sound machine has 20 settings. We sat and flipped through them all and talked about the different places for a long time. It was one of those things I could not have planned. It just happened. And it was so much fun.
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