September 14, 2011


SB is still in her tiara phase. That cheap, plastic, $2 faux jeweled crown has been on her head for the better part of 6 weeks now. We're wondering how long the phase will last. And how on earth her forehead hasn't turned black.

In the meantime, this period is being well documented...

Not surprisingly, the tiara broke the other day. While I was out running errands, hubby got online with SB and found a new one she wanted to get. Later that day, we counted out the money from her piggy bank that she would need to buy it.

She put the money in her princess purse, and off we went to Target, where she purchased it, "All by my relf." It was ridiculously adorable. This time, instead of purple jewels, she chose pink. And Daddy bought a back up.
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