August 5, 2011


          I don't even know how to describe to you the progress SB is making with her speech these days. We're talking leaps and bounds, people! It's amazing!
          She is saying three and four syllable words, and speaking in four and five word sentences. Or more. We can actually have a conversation with her!
          One of our favorite times of day now is dinner time. First of all, we don't have the epic food battles going on anymore. But more importantly, we can sit and talk as a family. SB tells hubby what she did that day. Or talks about things she wants to do. It is so awesome.
         Keep in mind, much of what she says still does not sound like normal speech, and is difficult to understand. There continue to be times I have no idea what she is saying. But more often than not, I can understand her.
          Her speech therapists are so thrilled with how well she is doing. They just beam when they bring her out to me each day. There is no way to predict how a child with CAS will respond to therapy, but obviously it is working wonders with her.
          The other day, we were stuck inside due to excessive heat. After a very busy afternoon of activities, I decided to let SB watch a little television. She chose a Signing Time DVD.
          Just a few months ago, we watched those constantly. We needed to learn ASL in order for her to be able to communicate. Now that she's found her voice, she rarely signs.
          There are times when I can't figure out what she is saying and she will use a sign. And, according to her speech therapists, she regularly helps the other children with their signs. If they don't know one, she shows them.
          So she has retained the knowledge. Her need to sign has simply decreased, and therefore she doesn't very often. And I don't either. Although I do enjoy signing the letters when we sing the alphabet song together.
          Anyway, I started the DVD and watched in amazement as SB danced around our living room SINGING ALL THE WORDS TO EVERY SONG! A few short months ago, she couldn't say any of them.
          I sat on our couch and cried. Tears of pure joy.
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