August 1, 2011

About me

          As someone who now has one personal FB profile, two professional FB pages, two Twitter profiles, a Google+ profile, two blogs I write and one blog I write for, I was thrilled when I discovered
          Ever heard about or seen it? It's a great site where you basically organize your entire online presence in one place. And instead of having to list all kinds of info in your email signature or in your various profiles, you simply use one link where people can access it all. You pick the links/social networks sites you want to include, and determine how they are ordered.
          Here is my personal page. See what I mean? It's freaking awesomeness! The more we get spread around the Internet, the harder it is to help others find us. If you choose, you can include a link so people can email you directly from your profile.
          And, of course, you can view stats. See how many people have viewed your page, where they came from, which of your links they clicked on. 'Cause I know lots of people love their stats! Best of all, it's free!
          I always like to share great resources when I find them, and this is one I love.

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