July 27, 2011

Still the String Bean

          SB had her 30 month wellness visit recently. She measured 38.5 inches tall. This actually places her on the chart for the first time since she was an infant - in the 96th percentile. She had been significantly off the chart for well over a year.
          In the past 6 months, she grew two inches. I put her in 3T dresses and they barely reach her knees. She only wants to wear dresses right now, btw. Gets out of bed in the morning, runs to the closet, flings open the door and demands, "Dress, Mommy!"
          She also gained two pounds since her last check up. She now weighs a whopping 29 pounds. I swear my child eats! Plenty! She just doesn't gain weight (I was like that, too, until puberty hit).
          So she remains the String Bean. Her online nickname can stay. Although she is very fond of being called, "Silly Goose" these days...
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