July 18, 2011

A special cause

          I'm teaming up with blogging friend Lerner to help spread the word about a special cause. If you don't know Lerner, she's co-founder of the awesome site And Nobody Told Me, for which I am a contributor. She also has her own blog, Stay at Home Babe.
          Lerner contacted me after learning about an organization working to help children in Indonesia. Just last year, a group home opened in Bali which accommodates children who do not have a living parent or whose parents have relinquished their children and they unable to be cared for by a family member.
          In addition, the Foundation has an education outreach program to help support families in need. They provide educational sponsorships, school supplies and uniforms, and even transportation. Lerner wanted to do something for all the children under the Foundation's care.
          Recognizing many people are not in a position to make monetary donations, Lerner came up with the idea of having the children of bloggers write letters to the kids in Bali. That ran into a snag, as neither the children or adults at the home speak English.
           No problem. Lerner came up with a great solution, Heart for Art. Art is universal! So, we are banding together to collect artwork from children to send to the group home. The goal is "show them that people care, that the world is bigger than what they see right now, that there are many people they’ve never met who are cheering them on in their journey to become strong young women."
          I am personally sending an email to all the moms I know locally, asking for their participation. I will collect the artwork, package it and send to Lerner, who will coordinate getting everything to Bali. Lerner lives in the UK, but shipping there from the US is fairly inexpensive.
          I'm also hoping to coordinate a party at the pottery studio where SB had her last birthday party. We would paint plates and/or cups for the children in the group home. I'll take some pictures before sending off my package so I can share with you.
         It's a simple, easy and FUN way to help make a difference in an impoverished child's life. And to get your child(ren) involved in giving to others. I hope you will consider joining in and helping share the love! If you'd like to participate, you can send the artwork or items* you collect to:

Lerner Farrington
Attn: Heart For Art
18 Suffolk Rd
Lincoln, LN1 2UG

          She will then gather everything and send it off to the Foundation. And if you have questions, you can email them to Lerner at HeartForArt18(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you for your consideration! Let's make Heart for Art a rousing success!

* The group does have other needs. If you would like to learn more and perhaps make a donation of items in addition to the artwork you collect, you can read more here.

Speaking of And Nobody Told Me, I'm over there today talking about how a visit to a local museum became a descent into Hell. Stop by and find out why!
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