July 22, 2011

Good decisions

          Hubby had his semi-annual dental cleaning scheduled recently, and he asked what I thought about taking SB along to help desensitize her. Her first dental appointment is in a few weeks. I said it was a great idea, and along we went.
          Not only was she fascinated by the whole thing, she wanted her teeth examined. The whole time the hygienist was working on hubby, SB kept saying, "Me, too!" Once his cleaning was complete and the dentist had taken a look, they let SB up on the chair.
          The hygienist gave her sunglasses so the bright light would not hurt her eyes. She counted SB's teeth, and checked out their overall health. She said they look great, which was a relief, since getting SB to brush her teeth well can be a challenge.
          As she does so many things, SB took it all in stride. She did great! We had been picturing screaming and yelling and someone having to hold her down. Not even close. She was totally relaxed.

          While the hygienist was checking out her teeth, I was telling her how I had recently weaned SB from the B-I-N-K-Y. She looked at me and said, "That was a very good decision, Mom!" She explained SB has an extremely short palette.
          She said there is no doubt in her mind SB would had developed dental problems had I not done what I did when I did. So, yay for me! I made a good decision! It's normal to question our decisions as parents. And it feels so good sometimes to receive validation.
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