July 1, 2011


          On Wednesday I explained why yesterday was a very special day for hubby and me. It was a significant day for another reason as well. Someone in our house officially turned two and a half. I wonder who it could be?

          Maybe I should change SB's nickname to Dimples. We currently have a book checked out from the library called I Love You the World. It's by Allia Zobel Nolan, and I'd like to share her words for this occasion:

Listen closely, Little Bunny.
There is something I must say.
It's about how much I love you -
love that grows with every day.

It's hard to put love into words.
But I think I probably can -
if you will just pretend with me - 
come along, and take my hand.

Imagine rows of rainbows, 
each a different shape and size.
They would not be as beautiful
as the color of your eyes.

What if, by chance, I came across
rolling hills all velvet green,
with lots of great big butterflies - 
the prettiest ones I've seen?

They would not thrill me half as much
as seeing you run and play.
I love you the world,  my Bunny -
with love that's stronger every day.

Suppose that I flew from here - 
way up to planet Mars - 
and looked out from my rocket ship
at all the shiny stars.

They'd surely never match your smile.
No star could shine half as bright.
I'd rather see you laughing, dear,
than ten shooting stars at night.

Just think if I could catch the rays
of a big, round yellow sun.
It would not make me feel as warm
as watching you have fun.

You are the sunshine in my life.
You chase the clouds from my sky.
The day is twice as glorious
whenever you are close by.

If I heard a flock of songbirds
singing sweetly in a tree, 
it would not sound half as nice
as when you call out for me.

Your voice sounds like pretty music
ringing softly in my ear.
I love you the world, my Bunny.
Every word to me is dear.

Pretend I climbed a big mountain
and stood at the highest place.
The view would not impress me more
than when I look at your face.

You are the highlight of my world.
You're right at the very top.
I love you more with every day,
and I'll never, ever stop.

What if I swam ten blue seas - 
dove down to the ocean's floor?
Could my love be any deeper? 
Could I love you any more?

No, Bunny, I do not think so.
I love you from shore to shore.
Yet, if I could, I surely would, 
love you more, and more, and more.

I could stumble by a treasure chest
with gold coins overflowing.
They could not make me richer than
to watch you as you're growing.

I am wealthier than any queen
with diamonds and fancy clothes.
You're my fortune, and I love you
from your head right to your toes.

So whether it's rows of rainbows,
or stars in the sky above -
nothing compares with you, dear - 
and nothing's greater than my love.

My love is bigger than the mountains.
It's deeper than the sea.
I love you the world, my Bunny.
You mean everything to me.

          I'm also over at And Nobody Told Me today talking about toddlers...

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