July 29, 2011

To go or not to go?

         Around 19 months, SB began to show interest in using the potty. We were not quite ready, but decided we would let her take the lead. Didn't want to miss an opportunity.
          She had a good deal of success. And then, with no warning, it was all over. Shortly after her second birthday, she again expressed interest in using the potty. We jumped at the chance, even upping the ante with some rewards. Once again, she had a good deal of success. And, decided she was done very quickly.
          Our pediatrician told us at SB's 2 year wellness visit it was perfectly normal. Something about toddlers attempting to control their environment. Blah blah blah. She did not seem at all concerned. And we felt no pressure, nor had we set an arbitrary deadline.
          For the past few months, SB has wanted nothing to do with the potty. Any offer to use it is turned down. She will flat out deny she needs to be changed even when it is obvious she either is or has just gone. And she resists being changed with a vengeance. Hitting and kicking and screaming ensues.
          With this resistance to being changed, she's developed diaper rash for the first time in her life. It is frustrating.
          She talks about "peepeepoopoo" all the time. And by the way, that is one word. To her, anyway. She's happy to update anyone in our vicinity whenever hubby or I need to use the restroom. She will loudly announce, "Mommy peepeepoopoo!" to an entire restaurant as I get up to excuse myself from the table.
          SB is still interested in our bodily functions. Some time ago, we decided we would have an open door policy in the bathroom at home and happily discuss with her what we were doing. She watches, listens, and enjoys helping flush the potty and saying, "Bye bye, Mommy peepeepoopoo!"
          She refuses, however, to have anything to do with the potty herself. At her recent 30 month checkup, I brought it up with the pediatrician. She confirmed what I had been suspecting all along - it's a control thing.
          She feels SB is attempting to exert some control, over her environment and, to a certain extent, me. It's not at all uncommon, and at 2.5 years old there is no need to worry about SB being potty trained. I wasn't, but it was good to have my feelings on the matter validated.
          So we will wait until she takes the lead. Again. And see what happens...
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